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Made It store


Henry’s House has finally entered the world of MadeIt.  What is MadeIt?  Here is the description straight from MadeIt: “ is a handmade online buying and selling destination, which showcases Australia’s most creative, undiscovered art, design & craft talent. Lovers of handmade can purchase items on, direct from the sellers and can choose from […]

You may have worked out that I am fairly impatient and when I have something new to show I just can’t wait!  I had all intentions of doing some more sneak peeks of these new fabrics but I just can’t wait! At this stage there are four fabrics that will be the standard range.  Here […]

Sneak Peek


I have some new fabrics that will be my new standard fabrics that you can choose from and thought I would share a little sneak peek of the girls choice. These little berries and flowers are so cute! This Teepee will be my display Teepee for when I’m at the markets.  The first “viewing” will […]

After a night of tossing and turning not knowing if the winner of the “1000 likers GIVE AWAY” would be able to accept and come to Billycart Markets to claim her prize, she had to decline!  How sad, knowing that you won and then realising that due to unfortunate circumstances you couldn’t claim it. 😦 […]

This is it!  Just leave a comment on this post saying you’re in it to win it and you’ll be in the draw to win 20% off a Teepee.   Commenting will be open from 8pm to 8:30pm AEST.  After commenting closes at 8:30pm a comment will be chosen at random and the person who made […]

This is it!  Just leave a comment on this post saying you’re in it to win it and you’ll be in the draw to win 20% off a Teepee.  Remember, you need to come to Billycart Markets in North Brisbane on Saturday, 28th May, to claim your prize and place your order. Commenting will be […]

Because my “1000 “likers” GIVE AWAY” was limited to only those that can attend Billycart Market on 28th May, in North Brisbane, I decided to offer the same prize for another Facebook liker, 20% off a Teepee.  And this time it is be open to every”one” that is a “liker” of the Henry’s House Facebook page. […]

Two left


So many ask about this Teepee that is pictured on my home page and featured on the Custom Teepee page.  So far it has been my favourite Teepee that I have made.  I just love the colours and fabrics used. And because it seems to be your favourite and so many have asked about it, […]

With a very long week last week, I have finally finished this order!  And only just in time too.  Which explains the terrible night time photos. Sorry 😦 This is a Large Basic Teepee with pale blue / light denim trims with matching Play Mat and Custom Bunting Flags featuring lace / crochet detail on […]

Henry’s House has reached 1000 “likers” on the Henry’s House Facebook page and that means that one lucky “liker” will be chosen via random ballot to receive 20% off a Teepee! But there’s a catch! You have to come to Billycart Markets to place your order on Sat 28th May in Sandgate, North Brisbane.  I’ll be there […]