New Fabrics


The fabric range for Henry’s House will be changing! Things are becoming very busy here and it makes it rather difficult to be constantly searching for just the right fabric for each order.

So, I will soon have a range of fabrics that will be my standard fabrics that you can choose from. I’ll be getting some samples in the mail any day now and if they are as lovely in real life as they look on the screen, I’ll be ordering them one minute after I open the mail 🙂

With a new fabric range to choose from, I will no longer be purchasing other fabrics for custom orders. I will still have the Basic Teepee with denim doors and you choose one of the fabrics for the trims. And for a Custom Teepee you will choose two of the fabrics from the range. One for the doors and the other for the trims.

If you want a Teepee that is super customised and have other fabrics that you would like to use, this is still possible. However, you will need to find and buy these fabrics yourself and have them sent to me. This means I spend less time searching and more time sewing beautiful Teepees for you.

I’m looking forward to these beautiful new fabrics and hope that you will love them as much as I do!

And here is a Teepee I’m working on at the moment.  One of the last few orders that will be the “old fabrics”.

I will have a few more to make as I have fabric already stashed in my cupboard to use.  I’ll keep you posted as to when they are available for purchase.

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