I have a facebook page for Henry’s House and the “liker” count is growing so quickly that I just had to reward the “likers” for spreading the word. So I have two GIVE AWAY’s that will be happening in the next couple of weeks.

#1 – 750 “likers” GIVE AWAY is an Avery Rabbit
#2 – 1000 “likers” GIVE AWAY is 20% off a Teepee

This post is to tell you all about GIVE AWAY #1

Once Henry’s House on Facebook reaches 750 “likers” I will be giving away this cute Avery Rabbit. This chocolate Avery Rabbit is one of only three chocolate rabbits left. When they are gone I will only be making them in Ivory.

Also I will be listing the Ivory Avery Rabbits as an Accessory here on Henry’s House and you can buy one to match your Teepee. How cute would it be to have an Avery Rabbit in a pretty dress or handsome tie to match your child’s Teepee!

Back to the GIVE AWAY, when we hit 750 “likers” at Henry’s House on Facebook , I will add a new post here for you to comment on as your entry into the draw. I will announce when this will be at Henry’s House on Facebook page so you really must go over their and “like” the page so you will be notified of when the draw is open. It will only be open for 1 hour and then a winner will be drawn at random.

So in short here are the details:

1. “Like” Henry’s House on Facebook.
2. Wait for the “750 liker – Draw is Open” announcement on facebook, then
3. Follow the link in the announcement to come back here and enter the draw.
4. Wait to see if you are the winner!

If you have any questions, please ask! See you over at Henry’s House on Facebook.

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