Facebook “likers” GIVE AWAY


This is it!  Just leave a comment on this post saying you want to win and you’ll be in the draw to win this Avery Rabbit:



Commenting will be open from 8pm to 8:30pm AEST.  After 8:30pm a comment will be chosen at random and the person who made the comment will be the winner of this beautiful Avery Rabbit and will be announced here on this post and will also be notified by email.

Good Luck 🙂

88 Responses to “Facebook “likers” GIVE AWAY”

  1. 1 Marsha Bennett

    O Avery Rabbit, please be mine!
    I know this comp is random, but you are divine!

  2. 2 Samy Savva

    YES PLEASE. please pick me 🙂

  3. 3 Amy Elgar

    Thanks for opening my eyes to your divine teepees…so inspirational. 🙂

  4. 4 Kris El Bayeh

    I would love to win. Love your facebook page and your lovely teepees.

  5. 5 Mary-Anne Valla

    I would LOVE to win 😀 ❤

  6. 6 Paula Gorman

    I’d love to win Avery Rabbit!!!

  7. 7 kristy

    I would love to win an a beautifull avery rabbit xx

  8. 8 Natasha prakash-green

    I would love to win Kitty and sooooo love your teepees.

  9. 10 Ellie Chaplin

    I would love to win a beautiful Avery Rabbit! 🙂

  10. I would love to win this beautiful rabbit, from a beautiful page like yours! Congratulations on 750+ likers, what a great milestone to reach! xo

  11. 12 Cindy Maree Christodoulou

    i would ♥♥♥ to win this little rabbit…so cute!

  12. 13 Shauna Sanderson

    I would LOVE to win please, it’s just beautiful!

  13. 14 Jacqui Millbank

    I love everything on your site. Would love to win the gorgeous Avery Rabbit.

  14. 15 judith perez bejar

    Lovely bunny

  15. 16 Theresa D'Souza

    My daughter would love Avery Rabbit!

  16. 17 kristy

    i would love to win an avery rabbit xx

  17. 18 Jessie

    I would love to give this to my neice who is due in 8 short weeks time :0)

  18. 19 Leah bogan

    hey! Would love to win this!!!!

  19. 20 Chrissy Mat

    ooh she’s SO gorgeous, I SO want to win her 🙂


    hi there i’d love to win the avery rabbit, it looks adorable!

  21. 22 Jo T

    I want to win Avery Rabbit!

  22. 23 Destyne Crawford

    Oh me please!!! Your teepees are divine…

  23. 24 leanne martin

    hi, what a great talent you have… my 4yr old daughter would love to play in one of your teepee. thanks and my fingers are crossed.

  24. 25 Chantelle Brown

    Ooo Avery Rabbit, me please 🙂

  25. 26 Alison Wright

    Fingers crossed to win this lovely bunny!

  26. 27 Shannon

    me please! gorgeous!

  27. 28 Jess

    I would love to win her and add her to my photography prop goodie basket!!! She is a bit cute! x

  28. 29 Nicole Disbrey

    Hi from a new liker…would love to win this rabbit for my baby girl… 🙂

  29. 30 Zara. Baby Sale

    I want to win this gorgeous Avery Rabbit!!

  30. 31 Natalie

    Oh pretty please pick me! Your Avery rabbits are just to die for!!

  31. 32 CrystalB

    Congrats on your ‘liker’ count. Would love to win!

  32. 33 Alison Lantry

    Oh absolutely I would love to win!! xx

  33. 34 Fiona

    Oh, count me in please.. I’d LOVE to win.. SO gorgeous!! ;p

  34. 35 Amanda Lamont

    Congratulations on reaching 750 likers – your teepee’s are divine! And of course I love your cute little rabbit, regards Amanda x

  35. 36 Corinne Mansour

    I would love to win the bunny!!

  36. 37 Erica Swarts

    Oh please please count me in – would love to win it – would look soooo cute in Olivia’s Teepee xx

  37. 38 Poppy

    Gorgeous Rabbit! Would love to win her x

  38. 39 Vicki

    Who wouldn’t love to win this gorgeous Avery Rabbit? I know I would love to give her a new home.

  39. 40 Hayley Bradley

    Yes please! Your teepees are gorgeous 🙂 xx

  40. 41 Nicole Ward

    I would LOVE to win this gorgeous little darling for my baby girl. She would LOVE it!

  41. 42 Kristina Oliver

    I would love to win 🙂 🙂 🙂

  42. 43 Amy

    Sondra from Alabama in the USA wants to win too. This comment is for her as she is probably sleeping right now 🙂

  43. 44 Eden White

    Avery Rabbit are just the best! Congrats on 750 fans!

  44. 45 Kara M

    My little miss would just LOVE this Avery Rabbit ❤

  45. 46 mel sands

    love love love your work! Would be nice to have one for my 5 kiddies to play with 🙂

  46. 47 Jess burgess

    I would LOVE to win!! :))

  47. 48 thereturnfromwritersblock

    Yes please me!! I’d love to win this!!!

    And Congrats on the 750 likers!!!!

    • 49 thereturnfromwritersblock

      My facebook name is Tanya Matthews!! Love your rabbit

  48. 50 AllieL

    Oh yes please! My baby girl would adore this bunny!

  49. I would like to win this, so it can be donated at xmas time @ the xmas toy run.

  50. 52 Tracey

    My daughters nickname is Rabbit so very fitting. Me please!

  51. 53 Jody Transton

    Oh Avery, you are Divine…..

  52. 54 SallyK

    I would love to give this beautiful hippy-hoppy-happy bunny a home in Victoria. She’s so pretty and full of charm xxx

  53. 55 Hope

    Love love love her!

  54. 56 Domenica Kiely

    Love to win x

  55. 57 Amie Nicholson

    Yes please…it soooo gorgeous xxxx

  56. 58 Karen

    Very cute, hope I win.

  57. 59 Trudie Devenish-Meares

    Congratulations on reach 750 likers!!!Love the teepees!

  58. 60 Kerren

    Would love to win =)

  59. 61 Angelique kizi

    I would love to win this lovely little rabbit for my sweet heart Annika 🙂 you’re teepees are so beautiful.

  60. 62 Rachel Duhig

    This rabbit is gorgeous – my Lily would LOVE to win her!!! Congrats in reaching your 750 likers!

  61. 63 Elissa. O

    I would love to win 🙂

  62. 64 Leah Kelly

    Please come and cuddle my girls gorgeous Avery ❤

  63. 65 Lyndal

    Love the pants on this Avery Rabbit. I hope I win.

  64. 66 Emma

    Oh my gosh. So cute. Would look so cute with the collection

  65. 67 Stacey Ellis

    Avery Rabbit you are gorgeous!

  66. 68 Stacey Ellis

    Avery Rabbit you are gorgeous!
    congrats on 750 likers

  67. 69 Carolyn Crouch

    I hope I win 🙂 I love Avery rabbit!!

  68. 70 Allison Owen

    Would love this.. The bunny is devine! 🙂

  69. 71 Peta Murphy

    I would really really really love to win this. You are so talented

  70. 72 Tianna Barratt

    My niece would love this a a cheer me up while she’s in hospital

  71. 73 Jodi Davis

    That is so cute, would look great in ny daughters bedroom…

  72. 74 Candice

    What a cute little rabbit!

  73. 75 Nicole

    I’d love to win this gorgeous prize!

  74. 76 Carly

    So cute..Would love to win one for my daughter x

  75. 77 Kate Hanly

    Very cute bunny, love it!!

  76. 78 Erin Ure-McMorrow

    Yes, please 🙂

  77. 79 Kristen

    Very cute!!!

  78. My daughter would love you, your gorgeous! We want you

  79. 81 Carla Edgerton

    So cute! Yes please!

  80. 82 Amanda Carey

    These are just the cutest!! Id Love to win your avery rabbit 🙂

  81. 83 Julie-Ann Biasi

    I would love to win!!!

  82. I love this and would love to wint it 🙂

  83. 85 Fiona Vinecombe

    We would LOVE to win Avery! Congratulation on surpassing 750!!!

  84. 86 Tegan

    me xx

  85. 87 sarah

    Hope I’m not too late!! Would love to win this

  86. 88 Amy

    Commenting closed at number 83. And the winning random comment was number 8. Which belongs to Natasha Prakash-Green.

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