WINNERS of 20% off a Teepee


After a night of tossing and turning not knowing if the winner of the “1000 likers GIVE AWAY” would be able to accept and come to Billycart Markets to claim her prize, she had to decline!  How sad, knowing that you won and then realising that due to unfortunate circumstances you couldn’t claim it. 😦

But tonight I had better news and had a redraw on the “1000 likers” draw and the winner is Vicki.  Congratulations!  I can’t wait to meet you at Billycart Markets and help you choose or order your Teepee.  See you there!

And even better news is that we have another winner.  This time for the “GIVE AWAY for every”one” at 1111 likers” that was held tonight.  I love prompt replies and being able to announce that the winner is Cherri!  She was in it to win it and she WON!  I’m looking forward to chatting with you about your new Teepee.

These two winners both get 20% off a Teepee.  I’m sure they’ll love their new Teepees 🙂

One Response to “WINNERS of 20% off a Teepee”

  1. 1 Vicki

    Thanks so much Amy, I can’t wait either 🙂

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