New Fabric Selection


You may have worked out that I am fairly impatient and when I have something new to show I just can’t wait!  I had all intentions of doing some more sneak peeks of these new fabrics but I just can’t wait!

At this stage there are four fabrics that will be the standard range.  Here they are:

As Henry’s House continues to grow the fabric range may do so also.

For a Basic Teepee, choose one of these new fabrics to be the trim fabric that will go with the standard denim door. I’m currently making a Basic Teepee with the Bandana (cowboy) fabric as the trims.  It looks great with the denim!  This fabric choice will also be the feature circle above the door with a heart, star or your child’s initial.

With a Custom Teepee, you can choose two fabrics from the new selection.  One fabric will be the doors and the other will be the trims.  For a “girly” option I am making a Custom Teepee  with Red Spot doors and Berry Red trims.  It’s going to look cute!  You saw it earlier in the Sneak Peek.  Or for boys, you could team the Red Spot and the Red Blue Stripe together.  Very boyish!

These fabrics will also be used to make your matching accessories.  Play Mats, Bunting Flags and now Avery Rabbits. (More about Avery Rabbits next time)

If these fabrics aren’t what you are looking for, you can always send your own fabrics to me for a Custom Order.  Contact me for more details if this is what you would like to do.


What do you think of the new fabrics?  Which is your favourite?

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