“Last Chance” Answers


Answer this question for a chance to own one of these Teepees:

Why do you need a Henry’s House Teepee for Christmas?


Add your answer in a comment below and keep your eye on this blog to see if you’ll be the new owner of one of these Teepees!

This is not a give away. The Grey Floral Teepee is $240 and the Pink Spot Teepee is $270.  For more details including conditions of entry click here.

14 Responses to ““Last Chance” Answers”

  1. 1 Heather Kollar

    I have 3 little Grand Children living downstairs and although there isn’t too much room left there sure is a magical corner where that Teepee would see big smiles on their little faces!

  2. 2 Melinda

    This is on behalf of my three and one year old
    Please can we have a tee pee at the moment we put a sheet over the table and even tho it is lots of fun with our brothers and sisters (there is seven of us) your tee pees look like soooooo much fun and it would to great to get one just in time for Xmas pleeeeease pleaaaaaase send me a tee pee ( I think secretly my mum really wants it she has always wanted one )
    Thank you and I can’t wait to play in it
    If not its ok you have a lovely Xmas

  3. 3 Sara MCGARVEY

    Hi Amy I just wanted u to know I would enter the comp but can’t afford one at the moment. I was the one with the aspergers child . I will buy one next yr.
    Cheers Sara

  4. 4 Donna Hogan

    Hi Amy, I would love nothing more than to win a teepee for my 3 year old niece!! My sister works long hours trying to make ends meet while I get the pleasure of looking after and playing with my niece “Milly”!! I would be able to play lots of fun games n read Girly stories to her while we sit in your gorgeous teepee!! : )

  5. 5 Meika Jamieson

    hI my name is Meika and I would love a Henry’s House TeePee. I have lots of brothers and sisters and I need a place to hide. I think that having my tea parties in the pink tent would be so much fun with all of my teddies and dolly’s, I hope that one day i can have one maybe santa will bring me one xx

  6. Oh my boys need one! I did *attempt* to make a teepee (cough cough) but let’s just call it very lame!

  7. 7 Maryanne Davies

    Im just trying to find out how much it is

    • 8 Amy

      Good point Maryanne. I’ll add them to the post above and also the detailed post. The grey floral Teepee is $240 and the Teepee with the pink spot trim is $270

  8. 9 Andrea

    The control-freak Virgo in me needs one so that the children can stop wrapping my good bed linen around the climbing frame in the garden!

  9. 10 Bec

    My children are obsessed with the teepee like cuby house in the movie The Holiday… and they are obsessed with cuby houses and hiding spots. As much as I try to replicate the one in the movie, I can’t, and of course they don’t understand that mummy is not as creative as set designers 🙂 So, I would love to surprise them with one of the Henry’s House Teepee’s which I’ve had my eye on for months!! (ps. it’s also both their birthday’s in December 🙂

  10. 11 Caprice

    I leave EVERYTHING until the last minute hence why I’m entering this with one minute to go. 3 girls in need of tent, one disorganised mum ahhhhh need to press enter its 9pm!!!

  11. 12 Amy

    Competition is now closed. Now onto finding a winner 🙂

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