And the winners are…..


Well, at this stage there is only one winner of the Henry’s House “Last Chance” Christmas competition.  We didn’t have any entrants in the photo section unfortunately which means only one winner.  We have chosen our favourite answer to the question “Why do you need a Henry’s House Teepee for Christmas?” and here it is:

Hi, my name is Meika and I would love a Henry’s House TeePee. I have lots of brothers and sisters and I need a place to hide. I think that having my tea parties in the pink tent would be so much fun with all of my teddies and dolly’s, I hope that one day I can have one.  Maybe Santa will bring me one xx

My children loved this comment, especially the part about Santa.  I think that was the magic word 😉  Congratulations!  The Pink Teepee is yours and will be in the post soon 🙂

PS. We will make a decision by Monday morning in relation to a second winner.

One Response to “And the winners are…..”

  1. 1 Teresa Bannerman

    I just know how much my 2 children would love a teepee, besides mummy being envious that I am no longer a child to be able to play in the teepee and let my imagination run wild!! They are just the coolest hippiest mini creation I have ever seen.. Photos with this as a prop would b absolutely mystical.. Love your creative work!!

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