Celebrate one year of Henry’s House.


Henry’s House will be ONE on Wednesday 18th January.  That’s less than 5 days away! To celebrate, one of you will receive a present; a Tiny Teepee!

The Tiny Teepee is a great little addition to your child’s room. THIS TEEPEE IS ONLY 72cm HIGH and is the perfect size for teddies and dolls. Not big enough for kids to play in.

 If you are the winner, you will be the first person to own a Tiny Teepee as they are not yet available for sale. You can choose between a “boys” or “girls” Tiny Teepee.

Because you were all so great at sharing the Henry’s House Facebook page and got us to 2,000 likers there is a bonus, the winner will also receive an Avery Rabbit to play inside the Tiny Teepee.


 All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog post. The celebration starts now so comment away!  We’d love to know how you first found Henry’s House so why not share it with us in your comment.

And because I’m super excited by the response this celebration has received, there will be a second prize.  One other winner will receive this bunting if we reach the next goal of 2,100 Facebook page likers.


Please only enter once (post only one comment) to make this fair for everyone.  This is for Australian residents only (sorry to all the international fans 😦 ) The celebration will end at 9pm QLD time on Wed 18/1/12. The winner will be chosen randomly and notified by email.  Postage will need to be paid by the winner. 

**Please note that this Tiny Teepee is only 72cm high.  It is not big enough for kids to play in and is designed as a “toy” Teepee.  Perfect size forAvery Rabbits, teddies and dolls. **

97 Responses to “Celebrate one year of Henry’s House.”

  1. 1 Debbie McLaughlin

    Happy First Birthday!! These teepees are adorable – what a special addition to any child’s room x

  2. 2 Rebecca Yates

    I just love your teepees and would be so excited to get a mini ‘boy’ teepee for my little man!! Happy birthday for the 18th!! 🙂

  3. 3 Nicole Dugo

    Happy birthday!!! Love your teepees so much! My girls would just love one for their dollies 🙂

  4. 4 Adele Bloor

    Happy 1st birthday Henry’s house!! I first came across you when looking for a teepee for my son Henry. I was instantly drawn to your site because you shared a name with my son.

  5. 5 Paula wright

    Your tee pee’s are fantastic, I looooove them,
    I would love to own one!!!!!!

  6. 6 Lisa Millar

    My little boys 1st birthday is coming up also and he would love chilling out in a teepee. Happy 1st Birthday also, Lisa 🙂

  7. Wishing Henry’s House a Happy Happy first birthday! You’re teepees, bunting and accessories are amazing!! Cant wait to see what you do in 2012!!

  8. 8 Emma Rawlings

    Hi from a new liker! Love what you do the teepees are fabulous

  9. 9 Kristen Smith

    A massive Happy Birthday to you!
    I bet you’ve had a wonderful, scary and busy
    first year. I hope the years to follow are bigger
    and better.

    P.S. Pick me! Pick me! My daughter turns 1
    on Feb 18th

  10. 10 Nadette Lee

    These are awesome! My daughters would love it 🙂

  11. 11 Renae

    I love you stuff! My new aim in life is to buy one of your teepees! I love them as they are so individual and made with love! I will get there one day!!


  12. 12 Candice Ecclestone

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    My son would absolutely love a little “boys’ teepee for his little plastic men – I would have to find him some little indians and cowboys to add if we were lucky enough to win this.

  13. 13 Joanne Spunner

    Happy Birthday & Congratulations on your 1st year.Of course my 2 girls would like a tiny teepee it would go perfectly with their Peter Pan games as everyone knows there is an Indian village on Never Land where Princess Tiger Lily & her family live.

  14. 14 Debbie mowatt

    Woohoo! Happy 1st birthday! I found you through another FB page and love your tepees!
    Would love to win a tiny tepee for my twins! Can imagine the hours of imaginary play they would get out of something so gorgeous and cute!

  15. 15 Angela Dean

    Happy first birthday henrys house! How glad I was to find you and thank you for creating the perfect christmas gifts for my children the look on my sons face when he saw the teepee was priceless and the teepee will be kept in the family for years to come.. who knows maybe some grandchildren will use it. In the mean time our 2 rabbits who the kids have named Peter and Jessica would love a tiny teepee of their own to complete the magic that now fills the days of my gorgeous Austin and Eve. 🙂

  16. 16 Hayley

    Oh my goodness, it is divine! I would love, love, LOVE a ‘girls’ tiny teepee to go with Milla’s teepee. I’m sure Cazzy (her rag doll) would also love her own personal accommodation 🙂 Can’t quite remember how I found you but I do remember contacting you straight away to get onto your waiting list and being super stoked when you managed to squeeze me in just in time for a very special birthday.
    Congrats on turning one. x

  17. 17 Melinda Sweet

    Happy first birthday!! I heard about you through a friend who bought a few things from you for Christmas. I’m interested for our little girl who turns 1 soon.

  18. 18 Sally Johnston

    Oh Alice would love a tiny teepee for her dolls to match her own :). I found your site when (9 months early) I was searching for the ultimate 1st birthday gift for my daughter. So glad I found it 😉 Xx

  19. 19 Danelle Pasco

    Congratulations on your 1st birthday! I adore your products and have been a fan for almost the full year, I found you when a friend commented on facebook. I would love to win your TT, my daughter just adores her teddies and they need a home 🙂

  20. 20 Marilyn Craig

    I want a tiny teepee for my grand daughter, she would love it. If she doesn’t I have dolls that would love it. 🙂

  21. I’d love to be in the running, so cute 🙂

  22. 22 jodhimcgee

    HaPpy BirThdAy tO yoU,
    HaPpy BirThdAy tO yoU,
    HaPpy BirThdAy tO hEnrYs hOuSe…,
    HaPpy BirThdAy tO yoU!
    Congratulations for making it to the big number 1 & for a fabulous product & awesome promotion. I heard about you thru mummas markets & think your products are adorable x

  23. 23 Fiona Frowd

    Happy Birthday!!! What a special way to start a new year!!!!

  24. 24 Shae Milton

    Hi I first noticed henrys house when a friend told me about all the gorgeous tee pees u make and that’s how I ended up liking the page your so creative and inventive their beautiful 😉 happy 1st birthday cheers shae 🙂

  25. 25 Jade Howard

    Oooh how I love all things made at Henry’s House! Wishing you a very happy 1st birthday.

  26. 26 Donna McCall

    Oh how the Little Toys of this house would love their very own Tee Pee to play in.. Happy Birthday to you also. 1 whole year down with hopefully many more successful years to come.

  27. Gorgeous Tee Pee’s!
    So glad I found your page tonight!

  28. 28 Diana Comber

    Happy 1st Birthday Henry’s House! I found you through Miss Molly’s and I have to say your treasures are simply gorgeous!

    My sister and I made our own version of a teepee out of rolled up newspaper when we were little girls and begged our Mum to let us sleep in it on the floor of the garage. Needless to say it did not happen 🙂 Your teepee is adorable and would bring back so many fond memories of my childhood and make so many lovely ones for my daughter. xx

  29. 29 Andrea

    My son’s name is Henry and he LOVES teepees. Mine aren’t as nice as these ones though!

  30. Oh I would LOVE to win a little girls teepee for my twin nieces. I found you through Miss Molls and love your work 🙂 xx From Mel @ Mini Mooches

  31. Oops that is Miss Molly’s 🙂

  32. 32 Rachelle

    Your teepees are just gorgeous ~ wish I was a kid again!

  33. 33 Paisley Smith

    I just found these on Facebook! They look amazing. My twins would love it!

  34. 34 bek kirkbride

    found via miss molly’s page! These are amazing my little girl would love to play hide and seek and stash all her goodies away from mummy in it lol!

  35. 35 Angie

    All the best for many years to come, fab work, Loooove the wee teepee

  36. 36 Hayley C

    Wow I am so glad that my sister, Crystal B suggested for me to come over and check your page out. How cool are your teepees, it would be so awesome to win one of these! Congrats on your 1st year of success.

  37. 37 Kate Dodds

    OMG how beautiful my 3 year old son would love it. I have recently seen one of your full size childrens teepee that a friend bought & I absolutely love it, think I need to talk to you about getting one for my sons birthday next month. Are you at the Mamma’s market? Congratulations on your first year!

  38. 38 Erica Swarts

    Hmmmm not too sure how I came across you – I think another page must have suggested your page and I went and had a look and ended up buying a teepee for my daughter – She still plays in it every day 🙂 Congrats on such an amazing first year and I’m sure you will continue to get bigger and better in the following years 🙂

  39. 39 Amy

    Wow! Thank you all for your comments and your kind words. It makes me so happy that you have enjoyed the first year of Henry’s House as much as I have.

    We’ve now passed the 2,000 liker mark on FaceBook and that means a bonus gift for the winner of this Tiny Teepee. Of course the bonus has to be an Avery Rabbit to play and hide inside the little Teepee. A perfect pair 🙂

  40. 40 Lori

    Congratulations for your first birthday. Great to see a product that is just as cue for boys as it is for girls 🙂

  41. Congratulations on your first Birthday! I think I discovered your page through the lovely Elke at Calamity Bolt and some of the auctions that you have been involved in (Callaborate for a Cause). I was totally in love with your beautiful tee pees (for boys and girls) and think that your’s stand out from the crowd as you personalise them. Well done again xx

  42. 43 Lisa See

    Congrats on your first Bday. I was instantly in love with your page when a friend of mine on FB shared your page. My little girl would loooove your Tiny Teepees!

  43. Happy 1st Birthday and my Niece would love this Tiny Teepee to put all of her Teddies in it and it would be Extra Special because you can’t buy them! Tiny Teepee = A Special and Happy Home for Isabel’s Teddies to Live! 🙂

  44. 45 Crystal Bard

    Just beautiful to encourage some great imaginative play!

    Happy Birthday!

  45. 46 Kim Oviss

    Happy 1st Birthday, your teepee’s are just gorgeous and would make any little girl or boy smile to have one.

  46. 47 Sia Fletcher

    Happy First Birthday!
    I hope to see many more birthdays as you build and get stronger in your business endeavors. Your teepees look amazing so I am sure you will have no trouble. I can’t wait to get one for my little boy!

  47. happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear henry’s house… happy birthday to you….. connor has a very special teddy that would love a tiny teepee! they are just too cute…! {will have to buy one when they’re released! }

  48. 49 Amanda Hewitt

    Love your work! A big congrats on turning 1! First found you by seeing a photo of your teepee on a kids Market flyer. I then emailed them to find out where I could find you 🙂

  49. 50 alicia facoory

    they are so cute!!! 🙂

  50. 51 Joanna Brewin

    I love your teepees and hope to get my kiddies one this year for Xmas!
    Happy 1st Birthday Henry’s House
    xx Joanna xx

  51. 52 Louise green

    Would love this for my kiddiewinks, I think they are amazing. Congratulations for your first year and to many more years of success. Happy birthday xxx

  52. Congrats on your first year and hope for many more to come ❤ Your Teepee's are simply gorgeous xxx

  53. 54 Teresa

    I would love one if these for my kindy group to put the barbies in and use cow boy and indian toys.. I saw your site through mama’s market thankyou fir your beautiful work!!

  54. 55 Trudi Harrison

    Hey, happy birthday to a great page, I adore your teepee’s and my wee man would love one!! Not to mention the gorgeous little Avery!! Well done on reaching your target too xx

  55. Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays today! Love supporting local Aussie business. Keep up the fantastic work! x

  56. 57 Kim Killoran

    Ooh my kids would love one of your little tee pees for there little friends. I think I found your page through Calamity bolt and loved your work.x
    Happy 1st Birthday for today!

  57. 58 Mish

    These gorgeous teepee’s are the perfect dolls house for my son, who at nearly 5, is starting to worry that his peers rib him about playing with “girls” things! Yes, that still goes on in this day and age!

  58. 59 Karri Cammaramo

    Happy 1st Birthday they are so gorgeous, first spotted them from a call out on face book

  59. 60 Sarah Gill

    Happy First Birthday. It is a pleasure to follow the beautiful stories and products presented on your page. I first saw your wares at a Market at Buderim…spur of the moment drive of an h
    our and a half! Great to see your success and influence in so many children’s (and envious parents) eyes. Happy Birthday.

  60. 61 Coleen Drake

    Happy birthday ‘Henrys House’. I think Lucifer would love to sleep in this little Teepee! (the cat)

  61. 62 Diana Orth

    Hi Amy, The boys have their teepee and love it. I had to remind Grantley he wasn’t to put it up in the trees. They’ve had friends over and all the children are impressed. I do need the measurements again for those holes we have to drill in the bamboo. They boys wont let Sam take it down. Ha!! Now we have some little Indians. Xander just had a baby girl, Audrey
    Violet and she looks like Ben. Amazing and very beautiful. XO

  62. 63 Courtney Laurie

    Absoloutly magnificent, would look gorgeous in my daughters shabby chic room 🙂

  63. 64 caryn braude

    Happy First Birthday!! What a wonderful achievement!! I stumbled upon you on fb and so glad I did!!!!

  64. 65 Bethany Hansen

    Happy Birthday 🙂 your teepees are amazing so beautiful i would love one for my daughters doll she takes everywhere 🙂 beautiful

  65. 66 Mechelle Macdonald

    Happy birthday – this would be a fantastic for my littlies ones to stash the teddies they steal from each other.

  66. 67 Meg Chetwynd

    Happy First Birthday! With such a gorgeous product I’m sure you’ll have many more birthdays to come! Looking forward to following your success.

    Speaking of first birthdays, I’m intending to get a full sized one for my daughter’s first birthday in June, I think it would just be perfect… a touch of whimsy.

  67. 68 Liz Milner


  68. 69 Ellie Chaplin

    Happy 1st Birthday Henry’s House!! Your teepee’s are absolutely amazing 🙂

  69. 70 Emma B

    Congrats on one year. Your stuff is gorgeous.

  70. 71 Heather weller

    You have, some very cute item. This tiny teepee would be awesome in my 8 months olds bedroom.

  71. 72 Kim heckels

    I love everything you have to offer! Well done on a wonderful range. Happy birthday. X

  72. 73 amie nicholson

    Happy Birthday!! What a lovely giveaway 🙂

  73. Happy birthday and what a great idea . love it .

  74. Happy Birthday Harrys house hope u are enjoying as much as we are 😀

  75. 76 Julia Sylvester

    Happy 1st Birthday!
    I first heard about you through FB and ever since I’ve enjoyed your products and your ideas. Congratulations to you for coming this far 🙂 and best of luck for the next year ahead xo

  76. 77 Jaimie Brewer

    Gorgeous! Happy Birthday Henry’s House

  77. so cute!!!! good luck and happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. 79 Glenys Key

    Happy First Birthday and I am sure your next year will be even better,

  79. Happy First Birthday! super adorable. xo

  80. 81 Mandy Streeting

    Happy Birthday. Love all your products. There all just so amazing ❤

  81. My friend showed me your facebook page. The teepees are so gorgeous 🙂

  82. 83 jessica moore

    wow how very cute would love to win this thank you so much for the opportunity

  83. 84 Poppy Atheis

    Happy, Happy Birthday! It’s really been just a year for you?! Love all your stuff!

  84. 85 alice brown

    Wow i am in love with your tee pee’s and would be over the moon if i won one for my little girl to put all of her dolls in 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xx

  85. 86 sarah brown

    I would love one of these for my grandaughter they are beautiful. Happy Birthday x

  86. 87 Kerrie

    These are amazing! Would love one for my little Leila! Good luck everyone!

  87. 88 Daphne

    AM I too late…Happy Bday 🙂

  88. 89 Kelly steele

    Me me me me xox love your work!!

  89. 90 Bron mitchell

    What a lovely prize and happy birthday.

  90. 91 Amy

    Competition is now closed. A winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. Once the winner is finalised it will be announced here and on Facebook. Good luck!! 😀

  91. 92 Allison Owen

    Happy Birthday!! I am SO in love with your teepees! My twins would LOVE one of these little ones 🙂 Thank you!

  92. 93 Robyn

    Hooray and smiles on your first birthday….what a magnificent milestone! Absolutely adore all your products and the teepees are divine but your bunnies are so beautiful as well. So happy wishes and all the best on the 2nd year in Henry’s house 🙂

  93. 94 nazeema

    I would love to win this for my nephew 🙂

  94. 95 Susan

    Happy 1st Birthday Henry’s House!! Your tee pees and other handmade goodies are divine!

  95. 96 cindy c

    i would love to win a girls teepee so my two girls could have somewhere they can play together, and learn to share better.

  96. whoah this weblog is excellent i really like reading your posts.
    Keep up the great work! You know, a lot of persons are looking around for this
    information, you can help them greatly.

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