Henry’s House is about making play time stylish

We’ve all made cubby houses from bed sheets and linen and then spent too much time packing up afterwards.  Henry’s House Teepees make setting up and packing away easy, allowing more time for play and laughter.  Henry’s House Teepees will be the perfect addition to your children’s room with stylish accessories to match, adding to the decor and making it a great place for your kiddies to chill out.

Where is Henry’s House?

Henry’s House is located in Brisbane, Australia and delivers to most areas within Australia.  Some items can also be sent internationally. If you would like more information about this please send a message through the contact form, by email: henryshouse@me.com or phone Amy on 0429 016 150.

Why Choose a Henry’s House Teepee

Each Teepee is handmade and will make the perfect gift for any child. The Teepee is great for the home that doesn’t have room for a standard cubby house as it is folds up to be only the size of the bamboo poles that support it.

Because of its ability to fold up it is easy to carry and move so it can be set up indoors or outside in the garden. It creates the perfect space for your little princess to have her tea parties or a great hide-out for those rascally boys.

It would also be fantastic for Grandma’s house when the grandchildren come to visit. Simply open it up and when they’ve finished playing just tuck it away for next time.

Your child’s initial will take pride of place over the door, or choose a star or heart instead.

Enjoy the Simplicity

To help you enjoy your Teepee and make it as user friendly as possible there are a few design features that make it super easy to set up and use.

Your Teepee comes delivered to you ready to go.  All you need to do is stand it up and open out the poles at the base.  If this doesn’t sound easy enough, each Teepee is sent out with instructions that include pictures for each easy step.

Your child will love playing in their Teepee so much it’s bound to get a little messy.  Spot cleaning is recommended but sometimes it may need more to clean up a mess. This won’t be a problem though as all you’ll need to do is untie the cord at the top and the poles will slip out so you can wash the material.  Too easy.

And of course you’ll receive instructions on how to thread the cord back through.

Hassle Free Safety

The first thing you’ll notice when you look inside the Teepee is that each pole is covered by the main fabric of the Teepee. This is how the fabric is joined to the poles and means that there are no ties that will come loose that you’ll need to keep tying back up. This will also prevent your child from getting splinters in those cute little fingers from the bamboo poles.

Henry’s House Teepees & Accessories

Teepee Package

Classic Teepee 

Play Mat


Cushion Covers

Avery Rabbit

Teenee Teepee

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