Teenee Teepee

Teenee Teepee

Children love to include their toys in their games and there is no better way than to give the toys their own Teenee Teepee to hide in.  It’s also the perfect size for a Henry’s House Avery Rabbit.

The Teenee Teepee is a mini version of the Classic Teepee and is made exactly the same, it’s just tee nee. It even comes with a matching Play Mat (click for more details on full size play mats)

It is made from natural cotton calico for the main panels and features gorgeous 100% cotton print fabrics for the doors and co-ordinating trims.  Taking pride of place over the door is a heart or star and there are six unique colour collections to choose from for your Teenee Teepee.

Teenee Teepee $105

70cm high x 55cm wide.

Teenee Play Mat $45

50cm wide.

HH Colour Collections

You will find more details about Teepees by clicking the About tab above.  And it’s simple to order a Teepee, visit the Orders tab and make your selection.

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